Atv Offroad Fury: Blazin Trails Cheats

Atv Offroad Fury: Blazin Trails Cheats

  • PSP | Submitted by gorillaz

    Unlock Everything

    Enter IGIVEUP at the password screen.

  • PSP | Submitted by OffspringFan , JOEY

    Unlock everything but the Fury bike


  • PSP | Submitted by OffspringFan , JOEY

    Get 1500 credit points


  • PSP | Submitted by OffspringFan , JOEY

    Unlock all music videos


  • PSP | Submitted by OffspringFan , JOEY

    Unlocks Rims


  • PSP | Submitted by OffspringFan , JOEY

    Unlocks all Rider Gear


Atv Offroad Fury: Blazin Trails Hints

  • PSP | Submitted by Speedster

    Sequoia Shortcut

    1. Disregard the small jump by the rock on the first corner but watch out for the jumping opponents.

    2. When you get to the second corner, stay on the left side of the track and jump that end of the track. Be careful not to jump too far though. You can also do the same at the third turn.

  • PSP | Submitted by nelly

    Expert Tips 4 Amateurs

    Money Handling
    #1- First off, save all of the money you can. You want to get the best equipment so you can slaughter the noobs on multiplayer! I recomend the Patriot ATV and FMF Q-Aluminum Exhaust.

    #2- Tires are important too! ( not to be confused with wheels!) The best tires are the ones with 5 stars. They are as follows. Maxxis Razr MX, Maxxis Rooster, Titan Raptor, Maxxis Snow, and Maxxis Ice.

    #3- If you're broke, do the tutorial. If you get mostly gold medals, the game gives you 3 really good ATV's to start your racing on!

    #4- Don't go to the Championship mode right off the bat. Wait until you get yourself a decent ATV. Go to Single Event mode and rack up credits. I recommend going to Amateur Short Track. The tracks that are the easiest are Beaver Dam, and Eastpoint Quarry ( perferablly Eastpoint Quarry.) Do this on 2 laps so you can get money faster. ( The game gives you the same amount of credits, regardless how many laps you did!)

  • PSP | Submitted by z-man

    Max out Endo Points

    Go up to any vert ramp while playing the game. Stop at the bottom of it. Floor it 2/3 the way up the ramp brake the rest of the way up. If done correctly you should hang off the edge - just keep holding the brake until your endo points max out.

  • PSP | Submitted by T Man

    Easy ATVs

    Ok, now most of you have probably played the first, second, and maybe third. Like the others there is a training portion of the single player game. Beat Training!
    Gold: 4 Talon ATVs
    Silver: 2 Talon ATVs
    Bronze: 1 Talon ATV
    The whole training portion is timed so it's much harder than the other training portions other the other ATV Offroad Furies.

  • PSP | Submitted by Ray

    Hit and Run

    This cheat works anytime when you are racing other people. When you are racing there might be another person you want to pass but they are a little bit faster. Just hit a jump right next to them and BUMP them or land on them. They'll fall off and you won't.

  • PSP | Submitted by Shashomuru

    Massive Points

    First hit a jump doing any random number of tricks u can do. Then while you're landing, hold back a little bit and land into a wheelie. Ride the wheelie to another jump. Then, you can hit a jump from a wheelie and do another trick. Repeat this many times in order for a huge trick with a large point multiplier and large score.

  • PSP | Submitted by Critter Stumpp

    Easier Backflip

    You dont need the biggest jumps, when you go off a jump just tap the down/back arrow twice and hold it the second time. You will rotate much faster than normally. Have Fun :D

  • PSP | Submitted by CoLtOn MaYe

    Bigger Air!

    You may notice that your ATV doesn't jump as high as you'd like. This is because you need to preload. Preloading is were you pitch the ATV backward then forward at the base of the jump so that it kicks up more and allows you to jump alot further that normal. This also gives you more time to do complex tricks!

  • PSP | Submitted by andrew

    Easy Acess to Credits

    To get a bunch of credits to buy items in the shop, beat amature short track and then beat pro short trach with first place. This may sound hard but is real easy. Just use tires that go with the tracks. When you finish pro short track you will earn 10,000 credits for finishing first. Repeat this metheod as many times as you need. PS: Change gear ratios on tracks. Use high gear ratio on bendy tracks. Use low gear ratios on tracks with straight aways.