Attack on Pearl Harbor review

  • Energetic missions
  • Pretty weather effects
  • No Ben Affleck
  • Little variety in planes
  • Little variety in missions
  • Friendly AI ain't so hot

The details on the aircraft and buildings aren’t spectacular, but the weather effects and billowing smoke are beautiful. Flying alongside a cloud during a sunset, the view is pleasingly pretty, and it’s nice to be in a combat flight sim where it’s OK to take the time to notice. However, you’ll not want to get shot down, as planes lost during a campaign are gone for good. Playing well earns you new planes to fly, but you’ll want to hold onto them for the harder, later missions. It’s a nice detail that ensures you don’t take the action too flippantly.

AoPH is light and fluffy like a marshmallow. And marshmallows are great. Brain-free, light-hearted combat, toasted on a stick.

More Info

Available Platforms: PC
Genre: Flight
Published by: Legendo
Developed by: 3D People
ESRB Rating:
Rating Pending


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