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Athens 2004 Cheats

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    When you are running 400m+ you always come last so save your energy till the end.
    Always start on the bronze medal.
    The wind is never blowing straight so always shoot a little to the left of the centre.
    never start putting the power on until it says go because your hands will start to hurt.
    Perfect pace (800, 1500)
    When in the 800 or 1500 move r3 up a little bit but not too far. Make sure that your taking the lead. keep that pace and you should be able to go the full race without loosing health.
    Super Speed
    When you are running in the 800 or 1500 meter race, if you have all your hearts full you should start your speed boost when there is 205 meters left. This way the boost ends with around 5 meters left. then press L1 and you should lean forward just before the finish line.
    Perfect finish
    Make sure you have perfect health when you come to the last lap. When you get to about 170m to go hold L1 an push R3 right up and you will rule all !
    Good Shot Put
    When there is the yellow line try put it between 30 and 50 so that the shot can skim through the air I got 23.24 m which is a new world record
    Lots of Speed
    Gain up a lot of speed by using a pencil or a pen and rub the it between the x and the o buttons.
    800-1500 World Record Crushed
    When you are running the 1500 or 800 push up all the way and make your guy or girl sprint until you lose a heart then when you get it back sprint until you lose it again keep on doing this the whole race and you will Crush the World Record.
    Really Fast X O Presses
    For pressing the X and O buttons put your thumb in the lower end of your shirt and slide your thumb where the X and O buttons and you will go fast no matter what event you are in.
    Submitted by bigboy1

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