Astonishia Story

  • Cutesy old-school sprites
  • Whacked meta-humor
  • Ultra simplified interface
  • The lack of any memorable combat
  • The story is equally forgettable
  • No likable or cool party characters
Since combat is the heart of the RPG, the extremely thin version on offer gives the game little traction. If there's much positive to say about Astonishia, it's that there are no barriers to entry. The simplified controls, which work with a very minimal interface, won't stymie anyone without RPG experience. But the absence of story and strategy will. This is a game best played on autopilot, if you have to play it at all.

More Info

Release date: Jun 06 2006 - PSP (US)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Sonnori
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Animated Blood, Language, Use of Alcohol, Mild Fantasy Violence

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