Assassin's Creed III treasure chest locations guide

The Frontier: North

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Black Creek

Chest 1

Rewards: $7500
This chest can be found within the Fort Duquesne.  When you enter the fort, go to the west side and climb the ladder to the look out. From there hop across the branches to the center ledge to reach the building.  Look for the chest to the right side.

Chest 2

Rewards: Iron Blade War Club Recipe, $750
This easy to spot chest can be found underneath a wooden structure in the center of the field.  

John’s Town

Chest 3

Rewards: Coonskin Hat Recipe, Tea Recipe, Medical Charts Recipe, Shoes Recipe, Brass Rings Recipe, Weapon Handles Recipe, Flour Recipe, Clothing Recipe, Medical Equipment Recipe, Plows Recipe, Foxtail Scarf Recipe, $750
When you reach the map marker, the chest will be located behind the house there.

Great Piece Hills

Chest 4

Rewards: Ales Recipe, Digestive Tonic Recipe, Belts Recipe, Furniture Recipe, Mounted Elk Antlers, Paper Recipe, Boots Recipe, Eye Drops Recipe, Crate Recipe, Barrels Recipe, Bear Rug Recipe, $2500
At top the cliff in the center of the lake at the map marker, you will find this chest on the west side.


Chest 5

Rewards: Saddles Recipe, Inks Recipe, All Purpose Remedy Recipe, Hats Recipe, Fishing Rod Recipe, Beaver Tooth Knife Recipe, Deer Jerky Recipe, Buttons Recipe, Poison Recipe, Black Powder Recipe, Golden Rings Recipe, $750
At top the church at the map marker, you can find this chest in the steeple.

Chest 6

Rewards: Ammunition Recipe, Smoked Elk Meat Recipe, Dyes Recipe, Stiffness Remedy Recipe, Weapon Blades Recipe, Artillery Recipe, Venison Heart Recipe, Disinfectant Recipe, Moccasins Recipe, Flint Recipe, Ship Masts Recipe, $750
For this rather tricky chest, you will need to climb up the rocks above the chest and find the opening in the ground around the wooden boards.  Drop down and follow the cavern around to find the chest on a table at the end.

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  • ITHINKHESAWUS - August 14, 2013 6:39 a.m.

    I think your south district chest #4 is wrong. On my game that is in the Central district, I only need one chest to have all the chests and i can't find the last south district chest...
  • OriginOfWaves - September 11, 2013 6:30 p.m.

    the 4th chest is actually north of the 3rd one just keep following the coastline after you pickup the 3rd chest

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