Assassin's Creed III treasure chest locations guide

Boston: South District

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Chest 1

Reward: $1250
This chest is located on the bottom level of the fort located at the marker to the far south.  Thankfully, if you enter the fort from the north by hopping over the barrels and over the wall, the chest is right in front of you at the bottom of the stairs.


Chest 2

Reward: $7500
For this chest, you will need to infiltrate Fort Independence located to the southwest of Boston.  The chest in the middle of the courtyard and has a couple of guards in front of it.  If you’re like me and said to hell with the stealth, just wipe out entire fort of guards and then swagger over to the chest like a boss and pop it open.


Chest 3

Rewards: Lincoln’s Sword Replica Recipe, $750
This chest is located in the middle of a camp and is rather easy to access.  The guards will likely be embroiled in a battle of their own to bother paying attention to you.


Chest 4

Reward: $1250
Once you reach the map marker for this chest, look for the stack of boxes that is beside a well.  The chest will be against the stack just ripe for the picking.

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  • OriginOfWaves - September 11, 2013 6:30 p.m.

    the 4th chest is actually north of the 3rd one just keep following the coastline after you pickup the 3rd chest
  • ITHINKHESAWUS - August 14, 2013 6:39 a.m.

    I think your south district chest #4 is wrong. On my game that is in the Central district, I only need one chest to have all the chests and i can't find the last south district chest...