Assassin's Creed III treasure chest locations guide

X never marks the Spot.

Like it's predecessors, there are many collectibles to find in Assassin's Creed III. Treasure chests scattered about the American Northeast and many of them hold more than just a few coins.  Each chest will contain a bounty of cash as well as some that also include recipes, consumables, etc. Sure you can go to the General Store and buy a treasure map for each of the areas that the chests are located, but they are expensive and we’re looking out for you! So below we have listed all the treasure chests as well as a map as to where you can find each one. Most of the treasure chests are in easy to reach locations, however some will be located in forts and will require you to use some fancy footwork to get to them undetected.  Once you have found each chest, you will then need to pick the lock on it to gain its valuables.

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