Assassin's Creed III captain kidd's treasure guide


The Frontier: Kanien:keh

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Trinket 1

To get this trinket, which is one of the more difficult in the game, you will need to climb up the hill on the opposite side of the river from the trinket and climb a tree that leads to a branch that stretches out over to the top of the cliff on the other side. Cross the fallen log and then climb the rock face to the left side to get higher. Once up, cross over a couple more rock faces and you will come to a large canyon with a cave down along the side of it.  Hop across the trees there until you above a ledge down below and then drop down to the cave opening.  Once there, you can then enter the cave and find the trinket next to a corpse.


Trinket 2

Thankfully this trinket is much easier to find then the previous one.  For this one, you will need to enter the cave near the south of the trinket marker on the map and follow the passage along to a cross in the ground. The trinket will be right beside it.

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