Assassin's Creed III captain kidd's treasure guide

Oak Island

Once you have all the pieces of the map, you can now set sail for Oak Island with Faulkner.  When you arrive, there will be 4 green circles where you need to go to solve the riddles of the island. At each, there will be a clue to find and then you will need to move and rotate a symbol to match the items on the ground.  Conner will give directions if you are messing it up badly, but basically all you need to do is line up the stones and/or trees with the circles in the symbol.  Once you have solved all 4, the treasure location will appear.


Walk to it and some apparently impossible to quick kill wolves will appear.  Take them down as you see fit and then you will set up some explosives on the dig spot.  Shoot it and then hop in the hole.  Follow the path through the cavern and eventually you will claim the prize.  Once you have it, you will then have 30 seconds to get out of the cave and back to Faulkner.  Once you escape however, you will now be impervious to bullets and have a sweet pirate outfit waiting for you at the manor.  

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Captain Kidd’s Letters


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