Assassin's Creed III captain kidd's treasure guide

The Mad Doctor’s Castle


Once you return the remaining 24 trinkets to Peg Leg, he will give you the final letter and it will lead you to Endinborough Castle in Jamaica—also known as the Mad Doctor’s Castle.  For this mission, you won’t have to fight anyone, but rather become detective Connor and just find multiple clues that lead you to Joseph Palmer’s body and the final piece of the map.  When you enter the castle, and enter the large foyer, climb up the lit wall and back jump to the balcony above.


Continue through the mainly straightforward path and you will eventually come to the broken glass case which house the map piece.  Examine it and the blood stain on the floor and the broken vase to learn what happened.  Now you’ll need to get to the upper ledge, so use the stuffed bear to climb up to the rafters and hop across the ceiling lamps and up again to more beams. Once on the far side, examine the muskets and mask and then push the clock out of the way. In the next area, climb up the organ and follow the passage and eventually you will come out through a painting to the large foyer where you started.


Examine the clues in here as well and you will learn that the clock has a secret passage.  Set the time to ten to five and the passage will open.  Now all you need to do is hop down, follow the corridor to Joseph’s body and return to Faulkner and Peg Leg with the now complete map.

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