Assassin's Creed III captain kidd's treasure guide

The Ghost Ship

Once you have tracked down 14 trinket for Peg Leg, you are then able to head to the Northwest Passage and search for Hendrick van der Heul aboard the Octavious.  Unlike the previous Captain Kidd missions, this one is nice and easy, letting you get in and out quickly.  Once oyu arrive, you will need to hop across the ice floes to reach the Octavius without dropping into the water.  Once you climb up to the mast and hop aboard, drop down to find Hendrick at his desk.  Grab the map piece and then get ready to run like hell.  Now that the ship is starting to sink, you have 50 seconds to get off.  The path to the exit is straight forward and just remember to keep going up.  Once you exit the ship, the mission will end.

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Captain Kidd’s Letters

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