Assassin's Creed III captain kidd's treasure guide

Dead Chest’s Treasure


Once you have found 6 trinkets for Peg Leg, this mission will be available.  You will need to head to Dead Chest to try and track down the body of Abel Owens who has the second piece of the treasure map.  When you arrive at the island, follow the rocks up the path and you will come to a destroyed ship.  Once you hop on it, you will then be in a chase sequence to retrieve the map piece.

To complete the optional objectives, you will need to kill 3 enemies when running past them, stay within range of the mercenary you are chasing, and then finally to kill the mercenary before he reaches the caves.  If you don’t manage to reach him, you will face off against him and some of his cohorts when you do reach the cave.  Finish everyone off and grab the map piece and the mission will end. 

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