Assassin's Creed III captain kidd's treasure guide

Captain Kidd’s Letters

Once you have discovered enough trinkets and brought them to Peg Leg, he will give you letters that let you know where pieces of Captain Kidd’s treasure map are located.  There are four missions in total to get the map pieces:

Fort Wolcott


Once you have retrieved 4 trinkets for Peg Leg, you will then be given told that a map piece is at Fort Wolcott with a man named Lucky Lem.  Set sail for the fort and when you arrive you will need to climb the rock face to reach the fort. Once inside, you will need to hop across some ledges and beams to avoid a few patrolling soldiers on the ground.  Once past the first group, use the beams above to swing through the open windows and you will come to the prison cells. 

Kill the two guards on the top walkway and then assassinate both guards on the lower level at the far end of the room by dropping on them.  Once the room is cleared, enter the cell on the right side and look at the clues to find the map piece within.  Once you have it, all hell will break loose and you will have three minutes to get out of the fort before it comes down on you.  Follow the path up the many ramps that get formed and don’t stop until you dive out of the fort into the ocean.

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Captain Kidd’s Letters


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