Assassin's Creed III almanac page locations guide

Gotta catch ‘em all!

There are numerous pages scattered about both Boston and New York from Benjamin Franklin’s different Almanacs.  There are 9 books in total with 36 pages that make them up.  For each page that you come across, it will start to blow in the wind, and you’ll need to do some fancy footwork to grab it before it disappears for a short term. For each page, use the maps provided below to locate their position and then visually see where each page is so that you can plan your approach. 

Almost all of the pages are on rooftops, so approaching them from a distance while on a neighboring rooftop is usually the best course of action to make sure is doesn’t get away from you.  If a page does manage to slip your grasp, simply take a stroll away from the area and it will reappear quickly where it was. Once you have a book completed, you can then use your artisans to craft the inventions which you will be able to find on the second floor of your manor.

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