Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Clusters and 2012 Artifacts guide

Everything you need to unravel Subject 16's mysteries and find antique mementos

By now, it's possible you've found every flag, feather and treasure chest Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has to offer. But there are 10 more hidden collectibles that aren't quite so easy to find - and are a whole hell of a lot more fun when you do. The Clusters are Brotherhood's answer to Assassin's Creed II's Glyphs - hidden puzzles left behind by Desmond'smysterious, possibly insane predecessor, Subject 16. And while they're not quite as numerous or as challenging as those were, they're still worth hunting down, especially since doing so unravels a little more of Assassin's Creed's weird, conspiracy-ladenbackstory.It'll alsogive youa much betteridea of what this image means:

Above: Ooh, cryptic

To help you find and solve every last Cluster - which, unlike the Glyphs, actually have to be climbed into -we've assembled videos andstep-by-step instructionsto(eventually) show you where every last one is hiding, as well as complete solutions for each Cluster puzzle in a separate section. And because it's easy to squeeze in, we'll also show you where to aim Desmond to find all five of the 2012 Artifacts scattered around modern-day Monteriggioni. If you're a true completionist, you may also want to check out ourflags and feathers guideto save yourself some aggravation - and if you're still on the fence about whether to even buy Brotherhood, oursuper reviewmight help you decide.

2012 Artifacts
%26bull;Artifacts 1-5

%26bull;Video guide
%26bull;Caserma di Alviano
%26bull;Castra Praetoria

%26bull;Video guide
%26bull;The Pantheon
%26bull;Palazzo Senatorio
%26bull;Santa Maria dei Miracoli
%26bull;Rosa in Fiore

%26bull;Video guide
%26bull;Il Colosseo
%26bull;Acquedotto Claudia

%26bull;Video guide
%26bull;Castel Sant'Angelo

%26bull;Cluster 1
%26bull;Cluster 2
%26bull;Cluster 3
%26bull;Cluster 4
%26bull;Cluster 5
%26bull;Cluster 6
%26bull;Cluster 7
%26bull;Cluster 8
%26bull;Cluster 9
%26bull;Cluster 10


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