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Army Men Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    o enter these codes, bring up the options menu (press Escape during a mission) and type the cheat code you want and click on BACK. Your radio window will tell you if you entered the code correctly.
    NOTE: These codes must be typed as you see them, first letter capitalized and the rest in lowercase.
    Succumb -- lose the scenario
    Triumph -- win the scenario
    Omnisicient -- toggle between your view and omniscient view of all troops
    Pyromancer -- toggle right button explosion
    Aeroballistics -- add full air support
    Invulnerable -- makes sarge invulnerable
    Paralysis -- pins foes in place
    Telekinetic -- teleport sarge anywhere in the world (get into scroll mode first and scroll where you want to go)
    Plethora -- full up on ammo
    Occultation -- stealth mode (sarge won't be spotted unless he shoots)
    Kahuna -- Add explosions, omniscient view, and invulnerability
    Scenario Select
    At the opening menu, press A to open the first mission of each scenario.
    Submitted by None
  • Passwords

    2nd level : Grenade,machine gun, helocopter,jeep.
    3rd level: Jeep, helocopter, helocopter,Jeep.
    4th level: Gun,Grenade,Gun,Grenade
    Submitted by Kyle
  • Alpine: Construction: Get the Tank

    helicopter- jeep-bomb-tank
    Submitted by Gregg Applefield

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