Army Men: RTS Cheats

Army Men: RTS Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Josh mitters

    How to Get the Ants On Your Side

    All you have to do is free the queen ant in Derailment.(you won't be able to control them but they will attack the tan and show you where the exit is and will leave both of you alone in the next level.)
    Hint (FistFull of plastic level)
    To beat the level without 3 villagers dieing just put in the 500 plastic cheat code and the 2000 plastic code which will give you electricity. Then make a lot of pillbox's around the area where the tan come from. You must destroy the tan bases after you put up pillboxes and soldiers all around, also put in the super soldiers cheat. One tan base is located near the villagers escape on the right, and the other is towards the bottom of the map on the left. Once you destroy those there will be no tan threat and the villagers should be gone already
    Free dump trucks
    Build resource depot, after resource depot is done building move dumptruck away from building and destroy resource depot building. You will get a free dumptruck and your money back. you can repeat as many times as you like.
    How to beat dishes of valor
    First you need to enter the get better team code (hold R2 and press square twice x triangle square)Then move the cursor in front of the evil factory and enter the paratroopers code hold R2 press(circle square circle square triangle twice. There will be barely any enemies over there so blow up anything you see where you landed. Then blow up the factory and you are done.
    How to beat derailment
    The first thing you gotta do is enter in the get better team code.Then you move the curser to the right side of the rail bridge and enter the paratroopers code. There will be about 2 aa guns, 2 or 3 guard towers and maybe a few men. Then when all the tan die use whatever paratroopers you have left to destroy the bridge.
    How to beat Collenel Blintz
    On the last level put in the code get better team. Now after you have done that make a lot of barracks and garages close to colonel blintz. You need to make lots of medics and bazooka men move them up close to colonel blintz and demolish all of the healers and the acid guns then you can blow up colonel blintz and you have beat the game.
    Names of all Missions
    1.The Thin Green Line
    2.Behind the Tan Cutain
    3.A Few Green Men
    4.Full Plastic Jacket
    5.It Came From The Basement
    6.Courage Under Groceries
    7.Dishes Of Valor
    8.From Here To The Sofa
    9.Fistful Of Plastic
    10.Baths Of Glory
    11.One Man Army
    13.Village Of The Tanned
    14.Scorched Turf
    15.Heart Plastic

Army Men: RTS Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by ian

    Get better team

    During gameplay HOLD R2 and press Square, Square, X, triangle, X, Square
    Get 5000 plastic
    During gameplay HOLD R2 and press triangle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square
    Get 2000 Plastic
    During gameplay HOLD R2 and press Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, X
    Get Paratroopers
    During gameplay HOLD R2 and press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle
    Get Hidden Item
    During gameplay HOLD R2 and press Square, Triangle, Left, Left, Triangle, Square
    Get New Team Map Colors
    During gameplay HOLD R2 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Square, X, Circle
    Get More Stuff from Dumptrucks
    During gameplay HOLD R2 and press Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, X
    Get Better Enemy Team
    During gameplay HOLD R2 and press Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle
    Good Defense
    Put a lot of towers everywhere and have tanks close to them and have grunts with them too. Just incase, have about 2-3 medical cars near them