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Army Men Advance Cheats, Codes & Guides

Army Men Advance Cheats

  • Unlock All Levels

    Put in the password NQRDGTPB
    Submitted by None
  • Level Codes Up to 7 (Sarge)

    The Codes to the levels I've beaten so far:
    Level 1-Tan Army Jail:no code necessary
    Level 2-Training Camp:HJRDCHMC
    Level 3-Area 41:GGRSGJMC
    Level 4-Hangar 13:FSRSMKMC
    Level 5-Bedroom:DQRNBBMC
    Level 6-Hallway(COOLEST LEVEL!!!):CSRJGCMC
    Level 7-Bathroom:BQRDMDPC
    Level 8: TJRDQFPC
    Level 9: SGRSCQPC
    Level 10: RJRNLRPC
    Level 11: QGRNRSPC
    Level 12: PSRJCTPC Level 2-Training Camp:GGRSGHMB
    Level 3-Area 41:FSRSMJMB
    Level 4-Hangar 13:DQRNBKMB
    Level 5-Bedroom:CSRJGBMB
    Level 6-Hallway(COOLEST LEVEL!!!):BQRDMCPB
    Level 7-Bathroom:TJRDQDPB
    Level 8: SGRSCFPB
    Level 9: RJRNLQPB
    Submitted by Dave5

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