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Armored Core: Nexus Cheats, Codes & Guides

Armored Core: Nexus Cheats

  • Unlock 1st person View

    In Revolution Disk get a 100% rating then pause the game with the Start button and HOLD Select and press Start to resume play
    Unlock Emblems
    Finish the episode below to unlock the emblem indicated:
    Finish this Episode # Unlocks Emblem
    2 Nineball:
    3 Pink Cat
    4 Crescent Moon
    5 Fenrir
    6 ?????
    7 Silver Wolf
    8 Fefnir
    9 Danger
    10 Shadow
    11 Rave
    12 Dark Rider
    13 Milcona
    14 Necron
    15 Sledge Hammer
    More Bonuses - Free Arena and Free Missions Modes
    Use EVO mode to finish the game to unlock Free Missions Mode & Free Arena Mode when you reload your saved game. The 3 Free missions are unlocked by failing the missions below:
    Free Mission 4 - Fail the Missile Efficiency Test and go on to play the Kisaragi mission
    Free Mission 5 - Fail the first 2 Mirage missions and go on to play the next Mirage mission
    Free Mission 22 - Fail the Remove Kisaragi Investigation Unit mission and repeat the same mission again
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Available Platforms: PS2