Area 51 sequel: First details

As for controlling your squad, Midway reckons it's as "easy as firing a gun," with one context-sensitive button-press issuing every command - think planting C4 explosives at the place you point or sending someone ahead to scout. It's not impossible to carry on regardless of your gun-toting comrades but the idea is to make the squad action too much fun to ignore.

Finally, there's some promising news for multiplayer enthusiasts. Two-player co-op has been a must since day one but Midway's plan is to create "asymmetrical characters." So, for instance, one player gives the orders while another performs a different set of tasks. There'll also be deathmatch and the like, of course, but we're hoping for some four-player co-op operations.

With so much potential, Midway's real-meets-unreal alien invasion epic could overcome even the monolithic be-toothed crabs that thrilled us so comprehensively in Resistance: Fall of Man. And with some serious, political-lite influences perhaps turning Blacksite's plot into something more than an extraterrestrial duck-hunt, our attention is firmly fixed on Area 51's future.

For a closer look at the game check GamesRadar in the coming weeks when we'll be revealing more details from this promising title.

January 16, 2007


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