Another New Pandorum Clip


Yesterday we brought you an excrutiatingly tense Pandorum clip showing Ben Foster's Cpl. Bower going toe to toe with a nasty space creature, and now like Christmas: Part 2, we have another clip to offer.

Introducing the characters played by Antje Traue, sort of a hot German Ripley mixed with Milla Jovovich's Alice and Carrie Anne Moss' Trinity - and Cung Le, an MMA fighter who could kill you in ways we can only attempt fleetingly (Youtube him), the clip also gives another close up look at the big bad.

Still no sign of Cam Gigandet or Norman Reedus, but with the way this film is leaking clips, check back Monday.

For now (courtesy of the handsome folks at;

The headshot of the slimy space carnivore still whispers The Descent in our ears, but only in a what the hell is that kind of way. Like the good lady says there's no point sticking around to find out - running is the best option.

And come October 2nd, we'll be running too - straight to the cinema to feast our eyes on this sci-fi/horror extravaganza.

Sold yet? Let us know your doubts, fears and insecurities...



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