Another Journey To The Center Of The Earth?

Given that the first film raked in enough cash, New Line has decided to take another trip below ground and has greenlit a sequel to Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

Director Eric Brevig is confirmed as sitting in the big chair again, with the story being fashioned to include at least Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutcherson’s characters from the first movie.

After ditching plans to try an Atlantis-set follow-up (too expensive and too wet), New Line latched on to a spec script from Richard Outten.

His pitch – Mysterious Travels – speculated that Gulliver’s Travels, Treasure Island and Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island all happened on the same ocean-locked landmass.

Okay, so maybe there’ll be less tunnel running this time, but at least it gets round the tricky problem that Verne only wrote one underground adventure…

[Source: THR ]

Do you want another Journey? Was the first one good enough to make you crave more?


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