Another Halo? Bungie says "Watch this space"

GR: If you had to choose one element of Halo 3 that you could proudly show off to your mum, what would it be?

JT: The Lee R Wilson Memorial [laughs] - he's an achievement!

LW: Yes, I do have an achievement named after me. It's not really because I'm particularly skilful, it's just that I've found a way of playing the game, er...

GR: Badly, from what Joe was saying during the demo...

LW: Yeah, badly and sort of through comedy and out of, basically, being told when I first started that I shouldn't really pick up the rocket launcher or the sniper rifle, so I started throwing plasma grenades at people and I got kind of good at it.

GR: So how do you get the achievement?

LW: For sticking five people in one game with grenades, I believe.

JT: And it's called the Lee R Wilson Memorial achievement.

LW: So, I believe, to complete my work at Bungie I need to die. I'll probably drink myself to death.

GR: And how about you Joe?

JT: It's an interesting question, because if I had to show my mum a feature, I think I'd be most proud of showing Save Films to her. Save Films were truly a labour of love at Bungie. There were multiple points in the process where the feature could have gotten cut and all the guys involved were like "We want to make this feature happen". And they worked really long, extra hours...

LW: So it's not the feature where you repeatedly hump the corpse...?

JT: [Laughs] If you took my mum out of the equation I would say corpse-humping physics. It's really next-gen. An engineer at Bungie named Damon one day came over and said, "Hey, you've gotta see this thing I've put in the game." And it was corpse-humping physics. Now, when you corpse hump a character in Halo 3 the body actually moves up and down.

LW: Not that we recommend or condone corpse humping [laughs].

GR: When you were giving the demo earlier we noticed that you stopped for a spot of  tea bagging ...

JT: I don't know what came over me.

GR: Is tea bagging rife in the Bungie office when playing Halo?

JT: I would normally never do anything like that. It's a very respectful environment.

GR: Moving on, then. What's next for Master Chief?

LW: Um... Joe [laughs]?

JT: This is the end of the trilogy that we started in Halo one. We've got folks at the studio working on downloadable content. We've got other folks at the studio thinking about what's next. We don't know yet.

GR: But you're not sitting around drinking cups of tea and doing nothing?

LW: Well, we're doing that [laughs]!

JT: [laughs]

GR: But what will the fans do without another Halo?

LW: Well, hopefully they'll continue to play Halo 3 for the next decade.

JT: [laughs]

GR: And then there will be another Halo?

LW & JT: [laughs]

GR: There's got to be another Halo, hasn't there?

JT: [laughs] Well, there's Halo Wars. There's the Peter Jackson collaboration, which may build on the Halo universe...

GR: Can you just say "Watch this space" so we've got a good headline...

LW: Watch this space [laughs].

And with that, the hovering Microsoft overseer stepped in and told us to wrap things up. Anyway, eye-grabbing headline successfully procured. Mission accomplished. Thanks chaps and cheers for helping to make such an awesome game.


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