Another Flight Of The Navigator

The development bods at the Mouse House have been digging through the kid pic files again – and have seized on Flight Of The Navigator for its latest remake.

The 1986 film saw Joey Cramer as David Freeman, a 12-year-old kid snatched by an alien spaceship in 1978, only to crop up eight years later with zero memory of his time aboard.

Naughty NASA types try to use his link with the ship to get access, but he escapes with the vessel and, helped by its alien pilot Max (voiced by Pee Wee Herman), tries to locate his family.

While the movie was a minor success in cinemas, it became a staple on video (you know kids, those tape things) and evolved into a cult classic.

Now it’s getting a run through the remake chop shop with Wild Hogs co-writer Brad Copeland on scripting duties.

We’re reserving judgement until we see the finished product, but our childhood memories are not pleased. And they have sticks.

Big, heavy sticks.

[Source: THR ]

Do you think we need a new Navigator? Or should Disney leave it alone?


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