Anne Hathaway for Spider-Man 4?

Anne Hathaway is the latest name attached to a possible role in Spider-Man 4.

The way things are going, just about every actress will have been linked to the latest Spidey franchise outing by the time the thing actually starts shooting.

We've been through Romola Garai, Rachel McAdams and, even more recently, Julia Stiles (below), who was reported to have met the film's casting team.

And now Deadline Hollywood's Nikki Finke is reporting that Anne Hathaway has been approached for a starring role, but isn't replacing Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane.

So the next possible black cat contender steps into the ring. Fifteen bazillion actresses enter, only one can leave with the role - assuming Black Cat is even in the movie to begin with.

And of course Hathaway is being considered - she's a name actress with a proven track record.

While we'd love to see her take on a role in the film, someone wake us when an actual decision is made…

[Source: Deadline Hollywood ]

Who do you want to see in Spider-Man 4, either as Black Cat or another character?


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