Angels & Demons trailer online

The trailer for Angels & Demons, Ron Howard’s sequel to The Da Vinci Code has gone live.

Demons – which is adapted from Dan Brown’s prequel novel, but re-fitted to work as a sequel, sees Tom Hanks’ professor Robert Langdon back on the case.

This time, he’s solving yet another religious themed murder, but in a twist is actually called in by the Vatican (via Ewan McGregor’s priest) to help unravel a riddle.

Seems the Illuminati are none too happy about their treatment at the hands of the Catholic Church a few centuries ago and are back for revenge.

Can Hanks solve the mystery in time? Is he being lied to? And will he be able to stop the apparently terrible “fifth sign” from destroying us all?

Yes, the fifth sign is said to be David Spade and Rob Schneider getting to act together in another film. Whoops, too late…

We kid. The trailer’s below for your eyeball amusement.


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