Angelina Jolie still wanted for Sin City 2?

Angelina Jolie’s name has been linked with Robert Rodriguez’ Sin City for a while now in the rumour-tastic land of the web.

But though nothing has officially come of it yet, that doesn’t stop “sources” from reporting that she’s still very much in contention.

Moviehole has it on good authority that Rodriguez and his team are actively wooing Jolie to nab a role in the film – likely Ava, the former lover of Clive Owen’s Dwight McCarthy, who appeared in the original.

A heard-hearted woman, she can manipulate men with her looks and her assumed innocence. Sounds like something Jolie can do in her sleep.

Though she’s had casual meetings with Rodriguez on the subject, Jolie is still very much wish-list material and in any case, the film still isn’t anywhere near close to gearing up yet.

If everyone waits too long, the rights will lapse, Frank Miller will buy them and insist he gets to direct the movie on his own. And we know what happened with The Spirit…

[Source: Moviehole ]

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