Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo are about to battle for your shelf space

Wave 5

This wave's a short one descending from on high, focusing on the characters from Kid Icarus: Uprising. While Pit's been available since wave 2, wave 5 fills out the cast with two more angelic additions.


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Release date: July 2015 (US)

Dark Pit

Pit's doppelganger with a fondness for Hot Topic color schemes, Dark Pit is perfect for everyone who wants to destroy your friends with a Cupid-esque angel of darkness. Given how rare the original Pit amiibo has become since his release in wave 2, we can only hope that Dark Pit will be a little more plentiful. Cross your fingers.


When she was originally announced as a playable character for Super Smash Bros Wii U back in June 2014, Palutena seemed like one of the most unlikely new characters to join the fray. Since then she's become a beloved, face-smashing addition to the contest, and you can show your love for her by buying this beautiful plastic idol. My queen.