Alvin And The Chipmunks review

The delicate balance of adult/kid appeal found in the best family flicks is out of whack in this revamp of the eponymous rodent warblers. The under-10s will doubtless succumb to the stuffed-toy cuteness of Alvin (the leader), Simon (the brainy one) and Theodore (the fat, needy one) as they invade the life of loser songwriter Jason Lee. But anyone older, will quickly tire of a pencil-thin plot that leaves Lee looking bemused (read: semi-comatose) when the ‘Munks parlay the success of their first festive hit into crass corporate whore-dom (ahem…). Trite family values, mediocre CGI and a shallow anti-exploitation message do little to fill the fun-gap. Still, hard to deny the buck-toothed buggers their one moment of glory: an a cappella take on ‘Funkytown’. Beats ‘Bad Day’, anyway…



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