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  • Easy cash

    After you wake up at Paco village, slide the bushes there to reveal some coins (usually 10 to 50 gold) or health. When you enter a house or shop and go back outside, the bushes will magically re-appear and you can still get some cash using the same method.
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Easy Money

    When in Toroledo go into the inn. Ask the fat guy for a room (they only cost 10g).
    when flint gets out of bed go into the room where there is a guy who keeps going on about how he's so rich. smash his piggy-bank for 3 gold coins and repeat this process.
    Submitted by Flint
  • New Shield

    There is a man in Gwaba town that offers to give you a new shield but you have to bring him three items, the vita stone, (where it can be obtained at Deadeye Zach's) the Elf stone, and the other item, which you will obtain at the end... the man is in a shop.
    Submitted by Garr
  • All Magic Rings

    Press x 2times,select,sqaure 2times,up 2times
    Submitted by alien_skater0
  • All Puzzle Pieces

    Pause the game hold l1 press x 2times,o 2times ,square 2times
    Submitted by alien_skater0
  • All Items

    Hold l1+r2,press square 3 times ,triangle, up, down, left, right, start, select
    Submitted by alien_skater0
  • All Special Powers

    Press x 3times,o 3times,sqaure 3times
    Submitted by alien_skater0

Alundra 2 Hints

  • How To Get The Shining Sword

    When you get to Turnkey dam, just proceed and when you get to the room with a blue candle drop down and go into the room. There is a little puzzle there, but it is really easy to solve. inside the chest you get the shining sword.
    Submitted by Anonymous

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