Alone in the Dark - interview

Fire is a big part - can you tell us more about situations where you go all ‘pyro’?

Polloni: Fire can be a useful ally or a deadly enemy depending on the situation. Sometimes it’s under control, other times you’ll need to get out of a situation fast before you’re completely engulfed in flames. In terms of using fire to solve a situation, one example is that you’ll sometimes come to dark places where you need to light your way somehow. One way to do this is to break a piece of furniture and set fire to a chair leg creating a makeshift torch.

We noticed Carnby was cradling a mysterious lady in the latest trailer…

Polloni: In fact that’s not Carnby in the teaser - it’s an unidentified couple who don’t feature in the gameplay. We used them to present first the idea of a pair of lovers in the park, then as the teaser plays out you realise things are not as they seem and rather they are victims of something quite terrible. The idea of things never quite being what they first appear is central to Alone in the Dark.

Tell us more about the game’s audio…

Polloni: Firstly, the music follows the dynamic of the gameplay, responding to what’s happening and taking into account where you’ve come from and what you’ve done rather than simply being triggered. If you think about the number of permutations this kind of system implies you realise just what a feat this is - but thanks to the tools we use it works brilliantly in the game, really heightening the atmosphere, immersion and flow of the action. Secondly, the sound is presented in 5.1 and we’re pushing that system in terms of creating atmosphere and tension… so, is there something behind you?

Are there multiple endings?

Polloni: There’s one ending to Alone in the Dark, but whether you reach it or not will depend not just on whether you get to the end, but on things you do during the game. Intrigued?

Finally, what’s the latest release date?

Polloni: We’ve still got work to do, and we’re committed to creating an exceptional game, so we will certainly be keeping a close eye on our own progress - but as of now we’re still on track for release before the end of March 2008.


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