Alone in the Dark hands-on

Alone in the Dark has obviously been influenced by Resident Evil 4, most notably in the viewpoint, which is positioned just slightly over Carnaby's shoulder. However, he can move and shoot in simultaneously, unlike Resi's Leon Kennedy, and you can even elect to control the action from a first-person view. And unlike previous Alone in the Dark games, this next-gen adventure is very much an action-orientated affair.

To get around the huge area of Central Park, you'll want to get yourself a ride. Every vehicle in Alone in the Dark has an amazing, fully interactive interior - we could hardly believe what we were seeing when Carnaby not only moved around into the different seats (just by using the joypad sticks) but then started poking around in the glove box, turning on the radio and even hotwiring the car because there were no keys. To say we were impressed would be an understatement.

Of course, Alone in the Dark isn't anywhere near being a finished, cohesive experience. We're a little worried about the sheer scale of the thing, if only because it's a totally different proposition to anything else we've seen from the survival-horror genre. That said, if Alone in the Dark emerges late next year only half as amazing as the full package promises, it'll still be a game everyone should take note of.


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