Alone in the Dark

Physics and fire can hardly be considered bedrocks of the survival horror genre, of course. Fortunately, Alone in the Dark has some intriguing ideas here too. Ever directed a rat to where you want it to be by tossing a punctured bag of blood around? The flesh-munching rodents are a bane, but you can distract them by puncturing a corpse: they'll fall on it and you can move past in relative safety.

It's strange seeing what should be a mere footnote of gaming resurrected so convincingly: last year's hideous attempt to port Resident Evil 4 to the PC has left a bit of a weeping sore. Alone in the Dark is not just trying to innovate as a horror game, it's making a convincing case for taking the survival horror genre into a far more physical realm. This time last year, we couldn't care less about a new AitD game, but there's a strength and swagger to this new incarnation that's difficult to dismiss. If Eden can shore it up with a decent story well told, it could be wonderful.