All's fair in Love and Warcraft

It's understandable that people hook up with each other with in games. Gone are the days of meeting potential mates at the church social or the neighborhood block party. Online dating is booming business, and it's a small step from chat room romance to WoW assignations.

At first glance it seems like a good thing. People meeting people with similar interests (presumably, since they're both online and gaming) and hitting it off. But every time someone whispers us about how they have "found someone" in game, our heart sinks a little. So often, it all ends in disaster.

Above: Your dream mate could actually be a supple young 14 year-old plying his cyber-sex skills for some spare gold

Anyone with $50 and a credit card can play WoW. So there’s a potential of meeting someone slightly... off. Not to mention they fact that they could live 10,000 miles away... or be 14.

WoW is a fantasy world. It is easy to fill in the blanks about the person you are talking to online with your imagination. So how much of the infatuation is based on who that person really is, and how much of it is what you are free to imagine he or she is?


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