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All Star Baseball 2000 Cheats

  • Faster Running

    Hold the Z button for faster running
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  • Hard to hit Fastball

    While in arcade mode hold C-Down + A (hold til ball reaches catcher) to pitch a hard to hit fastball.
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  • Get Lizard Players

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    In a exhibition game in Kaufman Stadium there is a sign that says "Win A Lizard". Hit that sign to get lizard players
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  • Jacobs Field Homer

    At Jacob's Field be the Indians and press Up, Down, Up when Jim Thorne is at bat
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  • Pitching Tip

    If the computer tries a bunt and misses, it will more than likely try to bunt again. Press B for a outside pitch for a strike
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  • Hit home run every time on Home Run Derby

    Pick home run derby and when it asks you how many players pick 4. (but it doesn't matter how many outs you put it on)When you start keep moving the analog stick in circles until the pitcher puts his glove in front of him.Then when he pitches aim right under the ball and swing. IT GOES OVER ALMOST EVERY TIME! (I hit 23 over with Sammy Sosa and I wasn't even trying hard)-
    Submitted by None
  • Invisible Swing

    In homerun derby to get an invisible swing and still hit the ball do this. when the pitcher is winding up swing the bat. When he throws the ball your player should be getting ready again. just ignore that and line up the box with the ball and swing you should hit it without swinging the bat.
    Submitted by 26 red
  • Fuzzy Graphics

    At the cheat screen enter MYEYES
    Submitted by None
  • Huge Ball Mode

    At the cheat screen enter BBNSTRDS
    Submitted by None
  • Beach Ball

    At the cheat screen enter BCHBLKTPTY
    Submitted by None
  • Players Fly to Dugout

    At the cheat screen enter FLYSKYHIGH
    Submitted by None
  • Ball Trails

    At the cheat screen enter GRTBLSFDST
    Submitted by None
  • Fat/thin Mode

    At the cheat screen enter ABBTNCSTLO
    Submitted by None
  • Trails

    At the cheat screen enter WLDWLDWST
    Submitted by None
  • Fly to Dugout

    At the cheat screen enter FLYAWAY
    Submitted by None
  • Little Players

    At the cheat screen enter TOMTHUMB
    Submitted by None
  • Big cheeks

    Type in CHBYBNY
    Submitted by Buff dog
  • Hitting tip : homeruns

    When playing a game press "B". This puts your batter on power mode. Your batters box is a square. Put your batters box under were the balls going to be thrown so the middle of the little circle that shows you were the balls going to be thrown is right on te top line of the batters box.

    This is what it should look like.
    The circle is were te ball should be. The square is the batters box when it is on power mode.(actually the power batters box is smaller than shown.)

    * *
    * *

    Oh and don't forget this, the pitch must be a fastball or you probably will not get the batters box in the proper position. One more thing, dont try this with a guy thats never hit a homerun in his life. Try doing with someone powerful like Sammy Sosa , Mo Vaughn,Mark Mcgwire,Ken Griffy, etc.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
    Submitted by None
  • Get lots of runs

    All Star Baseball 2000 is really giving me a problem lately. I was doing a 162 game season and 40 games into the season the game decides to go wackey!!!! Some guy has 120 homeruns and 198 RBI's!!!! So i decided to get even. If you go into the rookie mode and hit B when you are at bat, the hitters box will turn yellow. (this is for a power swing) If you make it so that the ball hits the very top of the yellow box (so the target is half in the box and half out of the box)and then swing, you can hit a homerun or a double just about every time. It takes some practice, but you'll get used to it. I scored 106 runs in 1 game.
    Submitted by General Misho
  • Hit Homerun Every Time with Derek Jeter

    Start a game and pick the New York Yankees and choose your opponent to be the Anaheim Angels. And with the leadoff batter (Chuck Knoblauch) you have to walk. And then when Derek Jeter gets up to bat, when the music starts playing hold Joystick Southeast, and push Up, Down, Up, Down, C-up, C-left, Down, Right. Then take the first pitch (it has to be a strike) after the catcher throws the ball back to the picther pause the game and substitute Darryl Strawberry for Paul O'neill Unpause and hold Joystick Northwest, and push up, down, left, right, and then hit the ball and it shall go 500 feet every single time if you put the code in correctly. Good Luck!!!!!
    Submitted by Mike (
  • Blackout Mode

    At the cheat screen enter WTOTL
    Submitted by None

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