Aliens In The Attic review

A group of bumbling but bloodthirsty aliens dip their reptilian toes into the Earth-conquering business when they land in a sleepy Michigan town and take on a vacationing family.

It’s down to nerdy son Tom (Carter Jenkins) and his potato-gunwielding cousins to thwart the rather meagre extra-terrestrial menace.

Marred by cheapjack CGI and poor character design (the squishy-faced critters look like they came out of a cereal packet, not outer space), this very kid-centric caper is numbingly mediocre, listlessly pitting its mind-controlling antagonists against humans who are nearly braindead anyway.

Save for a martial arts sequence involving granny Doris Roberts and a highly amusing turn from Kevin Nealon (TV’s Weeds) as the befuddled, nonsequitur- spewing dad, there’s really nothing new here.

Younger kids will chortle over the low-brow gags, but High School Musical worshippers will be miffed to find that Ashley Tisdale’s role is minimal.


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