Alien Syndrome - first look

And you’re gonna need that extra speed boost when the swarms come. We saw giant centipede-looking things - monsters from the original arcade game - that when shot, split into smaller centipedes looking for lunch. And that was just the first level. Imagine fighting a hundred of those at the same time. They’ll come faster, so you’ll need better equipment.

Alien Syndrome has weapons in spades. Aileen will choose from a plethora of weapons to deal out the hurt. Want a giant staff to melee attack that bug? How about a flamethrower to make that beastie fry? Our personal favorite was a gun that shot mini nanomachines that swarmed over to an alien and dissolved it.

Not that you’ll always be by yourself either. A mini robot will follow you around and let you slip between your armor and weapons on the fly. When you get in a pinch, it’ll open fire and save your ass. Besides that, one cool feature is that you’ll be able to play through the entire campaign with the co-op multiplayer mode. Up to four players will be able to shoot down the same hallways and fight the same giant bosses, although you’ll have to watch each other’s backs. That’s ‘cause the aliens are harder and there are more of ‘em. Game over, man.

Alien Syndrome is heading to be an awesome homage to the original arcade shooter, while adding some much-needed depth and strategy. While Syndrome will also be released on the Wii, we didn’t get a chance to see that version in action. We’ll have more on this disease for both Wii and PSP as it gets closer to release in May.


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