Alien Syndrome - first look

When will space marines learn not to investigate mysterious homing beacons on isolated spaceships? Once they get there, of course all the corridors and hallways will be dark except for the glimmer of light that faintly outlines the creature that’ll devour them in one, or multiple bloody gulps. Except this time, you’ll be the one kicking all that ass.

We recently got a chance to see the PSP version of Alien Syndrome, a revival of the classic Sega arcade shooter in which you’ll play as the tough, hard-as-nails Aileen. For some reason, Aileen’s on an alien-bug infested ship and the only way out is to destroy hundreds of creepy crawlies that want to rip her face off. It’s a good thing she’s prepared.

Syndrome is less shooter and more action-RPG. You’ll do plenty of killing mind you, but what’s cool is that you’ll be able to level up those killing abilities. Before you start, you’ll get to pick Aileen’s character class such as Sharpshooter which is great for accuracy, or Firebug where’s she’s handy with a flamethrower. As she progresses through the game, she’ll earn experience and raise her stats in a variety of areas such as strength or speed.


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