Alien Syndrome

Have you got any other Wii-specific treats hidden away?

Alamano: Other uses of the Wii remote are still under wraps. At this stage we have an unlocking minigame where you use the Wii remote to control nanomachines in an attempt to open certain mechanisms.

What can you tell us about Alien Syndrome’s multiplayer?

Alamano: The Wii version will feature up to four players on screen, and allow friends to play the full game cooperatively. The multiplayer is really built around having friends all playing together on one screen, much like the classic arcade version of Alien Syndrome.

How’s the Wii version shaping up visually so far?

Alamano: The Wii naturally supports a higher resolution and better graphics, so players will instantly notice that the aliens and surroundings have a higher resolution and more detailed textures, as well as intensified lighting in the environments, added effects throughout the game and new character animations. The camera angles are going to be controlled by the nunchuk in the Wii version. This will in turn give players a whole new way to adjust the camera in order to better show off the more than 100 different enemy types, and over 30 different environments.


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