Alien Syndrome

Can you tell us about the combat controls?

Alamano: As the first sci-fi action-RPG game on the Wii, it was important to give Alien Syndrome a control system to make it unique to its genre and platform. Totally Games developed a precision targeting system for its ranged-weapon aiming that’s new to the Wii. The game uses the Wii remote as a pointer for shooting, and the nunchuk to control the camera. You literally point at your target and pull the trigger to fire. It’s an intuitive gameplay mechanic that lends itself well to the game.

What about movement?

Alamano: The movement and strafe controls are different and tuned specifically to each of the platforms. For the Wii version of the game, the remote controls which direction you move in the game, while the nunchuk analog stick controls both the direction you move, and - by tilting the nunchuk itself - the camera angle. This way you’re able to run in one direction and shoot in another, or circle around a target - making the gameplay fluid.


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