Alien: Isolation Nostromo logs location guide

Mission 16 - Transmission 

NOTE: Collecting the following logs requires backtracking across various areas of the game, and this mission is the best time to do it.

003 Delayed Pick-Up

Lorenz Systech Spire Upper Level: Backtrack to the Server Farm then head up to Server Control, where you can now enter the gas filled room and access the terminal inside.

008 Antarctica Control Will Get Our Call

Go from Lorenz Systech Spire Lobby And Technical to Gemini Exoplanet Solutions Manufacture and Distribution via the lift, then make your way over to the ladder at the far northeast side.

Gemini Exoplanet Solutions Upper Floor: Go up the ladder, then head down the corridor and turn right at the end, before using your Ion Torch on the door at the end to access the terminal behind.

006 The Secondary Load Unit

From the Scimed Tower, take the north lift to Seegson Synthetics.

In the Seegson Synthetics Synthetic Fluid Plant, head south to the far end of Synthetic Fluid Processing then take the lift in the ground level room.

Seegson Synthetics Synthetic Storage: In Synthetic Storage, head straight ahead from the lift as far south as you can go, then turn left into the corridor and climb the ladder. At the top, turn around and enter the gas filled room to access the terminal.

007 Finishing Up Here

From the Scimed Tower, take the transit to Engineering Decks.

In the Engineering Central Reactor, take the lift to the south up to the Engineering Maintenance Deck.

Engineering Maintenance Deck: At the Maintenance Deck, head north to the workshop then use your Security Tuner to hack the locked door and access the terminal in the room beyond.

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