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  • Hex Editing

    The energy reserve {money} locations for the various factions are located as listed, when using the Huge Map option and Symantec' or Norton's Diskedit software:
    Akizeta Faction at offset 10,672
    Svensgaard Faction at offset 19,068
    Doma Faction at offset 27,464
    Roze Faction at offset 35,860
    Cha Fawn faction at offset 44,256
    H'minee faction at offset 52,652
    Mann Faction at offset 61,048
    Changing energy reserve to {for example}:
    99 99 99
    gives you over 10 million credits, which is more than enought to purchase each advancement or new units as soon as they become available.
    The cheat in hex does not flag the game for winning by cheating as does the use of the built-in cheat options.
    Submitted by jake

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