Alan Wake collectibles guide


Escaping the City


Manuscript Page #74 – Nightingale drops two of these pages, one right next to the other. This one is just outside your cell.

Manuscript Page #75 – And this one is next to that one, near the rear exit to the station.

Manuscript Page #76 – Head back towards the restrooms. The page is stuck to a wall to the left of the men’s bathroom.

Manuscript Page #77 – On the first floor of the town hall, near the stairs, is a podium. Look to the left of that for the page.



Coffee Thermos #70 – After leaving the cells go behind the reception area to find this one.

Coffee Thermos #71 – On the streets you will fight two groups of Taken, the second after a parade float zips by.

Coffee Thermos #72 – Watch your left side for Bright’s Diner and head on in when you reach it. Behind the counter, on the floor, waits another thermos.

Coffee Thermos #73 – After a short detour along a pier you will be back on the streets. A car alarm goes off and Sheriff Breaker wants to go through a door to your left. Continue down to the end of the road to find the thermos near some ammunition.

Coffee Thermos #74 – Defeat the ambush at the gate, complete with chainsaw Taken, and go through the gate. It’s to your left, near a Barbeque grill.

Coffee Thermos #75 – After the large Taken bursts out of the Mayor’s office go inside and into the little kitchen to the right. It’s in there. Be sure to do this before getting the helicopter keys.



Secret Chest #19 – Get the thermos and then start heading in the direction that the float went. When you reach the fence step out onto the wooden pier and follow it to the end to find the chest.
     Contents: Flare Gun, Flare Gun Ammo

Secret Chest #20 – As you continue down the street following Breaker keep an eye to your right. Here you will see a building with big white letters: Fresh Seafood Fish & Shrimp. Go through the gate and along the path, being mindful of the Taken ambush, to find a staircase. The chest is at the top of the stairs.
     Contents: Flare Gun Ammo, Flares

Secret Chest #21 – To the left of the television is a door, go on through it into the next room. On the right hand side of the room is the chest. Just be mindful of the lone Taken who waits in ambush. Be sure to do this before getting the helicopter keys.
     Contents: Flare Gun, Flare



Television #12 – After getting that page go upstairs. It’s right in front of you in plain view. Be sure to do this before getting the helicopter keys.



Sign #15 – After the cutscene with Barry on the street you will go through a park. It’s on a statue right in front of you and almost impossible to miss.

Finding Barry


Manuscript Page #78 – On the counter of the bookstore, right near Sheriff Breaker.

Manuscript Page #79 – After leaving the playground you will be in front of a church. Head down the road to your right to find a yellow truck. In the back storage area of the truck is the page.

Manuscript Page #80 – Inside of the church check the podium on the altar to find this page.

Manuscript Page #81 – Once you’re out of the crypt go up the two flights of stairs. Here you will reach a wooden viewing platform – the page is one the table.



Coffee Thermos #76 – Once you enter the bookstore it’s to your right. You can see it through the window right in plain view.

Coffee Thermos #77 – Head up the steps into a grassy park area. Look to your right and you should see the thermos resting near the sandbox.

Coffee Thermos #78 – After going down the stairs into the basement of the church turn to your right. Go straight into that corner, going around the shelves as needed, to find the thermos.

Coffee Thermos #79 – To the left of the emergency helicopter, right out in the open.



Secret Chest #22 – As soon as you step out of the book store go to the left and enter the small building. Its inside there, tucked away in the corner.
     Contents: Flare Gun, Flare Gun Ammo



Sign #16 – There is a white paper stuck to the wall on the right side of the book store. It’s next to a table with some batteries on it.

Sign #17 – Read the bright white sign in front of the church. It’s hard to not see.

To the Dam


Manuscript Page #82 – When you enter the Transformer Yard proper you can see this to your left but it’s blocked by electricity. You’ll have to take the long way around, fighting off multiple Taken. When the path branches go to the left, not the right, to find this lying on the ground.

Manuscript Page #83 – At the end of the Transformer Yard you will ride a lift up to the top of a cabin. The page is lying on the arm of the red chair.



Coffee Thermos #80 – After Wake falls out of the choppa head to the right. The thermos is sitting on a concrete divider, waiting for you.

Coffee Thermos #81 – After fighting off the ambush that occurs in the garage building head to the far end of the floor, near the wall. Look into the cylinders to find the thermos hidden away.

Coffee Thermos #82 – Walking up some stone steps you will enter a small “arena” of sorts where two of the large Taken ambush you. Dispatch them and then go down the stone steps, turning to the right. It’s lying on top of a pallet here.

Coffee Thermos #83 – Face the other side of the road from the sign and walk that way. Near the control room, on the other side of the divider, you will see the thermos on the ground.

Coffee Thermos #84 – Right across from that television on the couch.

Coffee Thermos #85 – To the left of the big Bright Falls Light & Power sign, near a fence.

Coffee Thermos #86 – Go to the left of Cynthia Weaver, into the small living room. On the right side of the room, hidden away a bit, you will find this.



Secret Chest #23 – Once you drop down into the transformer yard, after Wake talks about being close but having to get across, head to your left. It’s right there tucked into the corner.
     Contents: Flashbang, Flare

Secret Chest #24 – Birds will eventually chase off the helicopter. When they go forward a bit and look to the right. Here you will see the markings for the chest, it’s near the waters edge by some rocks.
      Contents: Flare Gun, Flare Gun Ammo x2



Radio #11 – When you enter the garage type building you must climb onto some stuff to get over the fence. Once you drop down there’s a radio in front of you.



Television #13 – Across the rotating bridge you will see a control room to the left. Head on inside and you will see the television on the desk, near the windows.



Sign #18 – Across the yard and through the greenery you will reach the road again. Examine the green sign on your side of the road.

Sign #19 – To the right of the huge pair of double doors you can find this yellow sign.

Sign #20 – Next to the three floodgate controls is a sign that tells you not to operate them. Can’t miss this one really.



Can Pyramid #5 – Directly to the right of the kill switch is a can pyramid on the stone railing.

Barry and Sarah


Manuscript Page #84 – After leaving Weaver to go check on Barry and Sarah this will be on your path, along the left side.

Manuscript Page #85 – After defeating the electric cable holders go over the fence. It’s on a rock to your right and impossible to miss.



Coffee Thermos #87 – As you reach the elevator you will see a large cylindrical pipe to the left, inside of this is the thermos.

Coffee Thermos #88 – At the top of the elevator look to your right. You should see the thermos in plain view – go around the railing onto the greenery to reach it.

Coffee Thermos #89 – While running from the… pursuer at the end of Episode 5 you will go down two flights of stairs, the second of which is a spiral staircase. This thermos is on a shelf to the right of the stairs.



Secret Chest #25 – Once you’ve finished off the last of the Taken look towards the run-down house you’re near. Go around it by going up on the rock path and search around to find this chest.
     Contents: Hunting Rifle, Hunting Rifle Ammo



Sign #21 – To the right of the sign next to the button you are told to push by Sarah.


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