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Cauldron Lake Lodge


Manuscript Page #55 – Given to you as a gift by the Anderson brothers during a cutscene.

Manuscript Page #56 – Alan will be forced to return to his room but a distraction by the Anderson’s allows him to try to escape. As you leave the hallway you will see this page by the stairs, leaning against the railing.

Manuscript Page #57 – Retrieve the key from Nurse Birch and go into the staff wing. Enter the first door on the left and look along the right side of the room, it’s lying on a table there.

Manuscript Page #58 – Obtained by entering Hartman’s office. He picks them up during the cutscene.



Coffee Thermos #52 – After Hartman brings you back inside walk towards the main entrance, away from him. You can find the thermos on the reception desk.

Coffee Thermos #53 – Once you’re done watching the television search in the far corner of the balcony, on the railing, to find this thermos.

Coffee Thermos #54 – When you enter the room with Barry search the window sill behind him to find the thermos.



Television #9 – After speaking to the Anderson brothers make your way back into the main room and go upstairs. Here the TV will turn of its own accord, just be sure to watch it.



Sign #10 – When walking with Dr. Hartman you will end up outside, walking along a balcony. Follow it to the giant sun dial and examine the plaque.

Sign #11 – Just across from the thermos is a poster with Dr. Hartman’s face on it. Examine this to learn about his book.

Sign #12 – As you follow the doctor into a side hallway there is a sign on the right wall, Welcome to the Cauldron Lake Lodge. Examine it.


Escaping the Lodge


Manuscript Page #59 – After using the flare to burn the two possessed bear statues out of your way it’s on the arm of a chair, to the right of the TV. This TV is the one that gives you the boob tube achievement when you activate it.

Manuscript Page #60 – While moving through the hedge maze you will find this sitting under a tree. It’s on the path out of there so don’t stress over finding it.

Manuscript Page #61 – As you move through the maze you will be attacked by two “fast” Taken and one of the big guys. Once they’re dead take a left and follow the path to find a page just waiting for you on a bench.

Manuscript Page #62 – Head down the stairs near the gazebo and defeat the two Taken. Just a bit further ahead is a safe haven and, to the left of that, is a shack with your manuscript page. Grab the shotgun and ammo while you’re in there.

Manuscript Page #63 – A wheelbarrow will attack you while a set of gates block your way. Defeat them and the page is lying on the ground just ahead, waiting for you.

Manuscript Page #64 – With the thermos in hand turn around to face the safe haven. Now head to the right, not towards the gate but the other way, and you will find the page lying on the ground.



Coffee Thermos #55 – After getting back outside stay on the stone walkway and follow it until you reach a black iron gate. It’s on the railing to the left of said gate.

Coffee Thermos #56 – Near the gazebo you will come across the orderly with an axe. Take him out and then grab the thermos from the gazebo floor.

Coffee Thermos #57 – Head up the stairs nearby and right through the safe haven. The coffee thermos is on a table straight ahead, you can’t miss it.



Secret Chest #15 – Walk past the safe haven to the far end of this little courtyard. Three Taken will run out at you, defeat them and then look to your right. On the furthest stone block you will see secret chest markings. Go into the greenery there and keep going forward and to the right. You will see the chest further ahead.
     Contents: Flare Gun, Flare Gun ammo

Above: Follow this stones direction.



Sign #13 – With the thermos in hand go down into the courtyard proper and examine the plaque for the statue there.



Can Pyramid #4 – Turn around in a 180 from the manuscript and look to your left. The can pyramid is on the stone wall.


Alone Again


Manuscript Page #65 – Follow the path you’re on straight ahead, not taking the path that goes to the right, and you will find a mine entrance. A wheelbarrow and barrels come after you but there’s a powerful light you can turn on. Use it to destroy them and then get the page from the end of the mine shaft, pinned to the wall.

Manuscript Page #66 – This page is found right next to the generator that you must activate to get rid of the shadow covered gate.

Manuscript Page #67 – Past the camp site you will encounter the strange light again. When it leaves a page comes floating down, grab it before continuing.

Manuscript Page #68 – After making your way past the numerous bear traps you will reach a building with a generator and light outside. The page is right in front of them, hard to miss.

Manuscript Page #69 – After taking out Danny and leaping out the window go to check the back porch. Here you will find the page lying out in the center of the deck.



Coffee Thermos #58 – Now turn 180 and go straight ahead along the walkway. Here a pair of barrels attempt to stop you from getting to the easily seen thermos. Just wait for them to fly at you and then dive to the side. Run forward, grab the thermos and then head down the stairs.

Above: Yeah, good luck. 

Coffee Thermos #59 – Found in the campsite where you get the heavy duty flashlight, this is another one that’s basically impossible to miss.

Coffee Thermos #60 – With the page in hand head around the building to the left side, going up the stairs and inside. Defeat the Taken and grab the thermos off of the window sill.

Coffee Thermos #61 – You will reach the cabin with the truck parked outside of it. In the kitchen you will find this thermos sitting in the open.

Coffee Thermos #62 – Once you’re inside the car drive down a short ways. You will see a broken down tractor on the right side of the road – the thermos is on the ground right next to it.

Coffee Thermos #63 – Double back to the intersection and take the right this time. Watch your right hand side, off a bit to the side, and you will see another broken down tractor. Get the thermos from nearby the vehicle.



Secret Chest #16 – Head back over to the window and search nearby to find an open basement entrance. Inside you will find this chest right near the dead deer.
     Contents: Flashbang, Flare

Secret Chest #17 – Drive down the road until the path splits. Keep going straight, not turning right, and you will see a cabin on your left. Head inside and find the chest in the back corner.
     Contents: Flashbang x2



Radio #9 – Leave the house and continue further up the road, keeping an eye on the right side. You will see a brown car parked near a staircase. Go up into the ranger tower and use the radio.



Television #10 – Head upstairs and into the room on your left to find the television. It turns on as you approach, another story related one.

The Anderson’s Farm


Manuscript Page #70 – After the stage defense scene go around to the left side of the stage to find this stuck to a power meter.

Manuscript Page #71 – Cross the wooden planks into the next field and start running all the way to the far right corner. Here you will find the page on a cart just to the side of a tractor. It’s way out there so expect to run for a bit.

Manuscript Page #72 – Make your way up to the second level now and turn around. At the far end of this floor you can find the page glowing in the dark.

Manuscript Page #73 – Head up to the second floor and turn to your right. It’s sitting right there out in the open.



Coffee Thermos #64 – As you follow the road down towards the stage keep your eyes to your left. The thermos is sitting on the bleachers there.

Coffee Thermos #65 – Once the cutscene ends this thermos will be right in front of Barry.

Coffee Thermos #66 – Further into the right corner this thermos waits for you on a work bench.

Coffee Thermos #67 – Enter the distillery and climb up two flights of stairs. Here a large Taken will attack you – defeat him and grab the thermos off the shelf behind him.

Coffee Thermos #68 – Once you enter the farmhouse go into the white door to your right. The thermos is right there.

Coffee Thermos #69 – In the kitchen, as usual, you can find another thermos.



Secret Chest #18 – After the driving section you will find yourself in a field. Ignore the windmill and go into the house to the left of it with all the markings on it. Inside is another secret chest.
     Contents: Flashbang, Revolver Ammo



Radio #10 – After climbing up the ladder onto an upper level you will find the radio near the window.



Television #11 – After entering the barn this television will be just to your right as you’re walking in. It’s pretty hard to miss it sitting on the upper shelf.



Sign #14 – Just past the switch used to make the ship act like a battering ram you can find a sign that has the “Old Gods of Asgard” tour dates.


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