Alan Wake collectibles guide


Trailer Park


Manuscript Page #33 – When you exit Roses’ trailer you will see this page lying on the ground right out in the open.



Coffee Thermos #32 – As you near the end of the park you will see a boat lying there. Look to the right to find the thermos sitting on a picnic table out in the open.

Coffee Thermos #33 – Exit the bedroom and look around the kitchen. It’s right out in the open on her kitchen counter.



Television #6 – Upon waking up in the pink bedroom the television will turn on. Another story related one that can’t be missed.



Radio #5 – As you go to head back to the truck you will see the radio on the back steps on the first trailer you pass.


Police Chase


Manuscript Page #34 – The first page of this section is waiting on a log to the left side of the path you’re using to escape the cops. Can’t miss it.

Manuscript Page #35 – After running from the cops a bit a police car will fly past your view, tumbling end over end. Take a right, going the way the car came from, and you will find another page.

Manuscript Page #36 – When crossing the bridge more enemies will attack. Fend them off and turn to the right. Along the cliff edge here is the next page.



Coffee Thermos #34 – Once the helicopter… goes away, you will come across a rangers tower. Go to the upper level to find a coffee thermos near a police radio.

Coffee Thermos #35 – When you go to turn on the generator for the spotlight, look to your left. The thermos is sitting on a rock half-concealed by the trees.

Coffee Thermos #36 – When you finally reach the radio station look outside, near the truck. A coffee thermos is waiting there, underneath the radio station sign.



Secret Chest #10 – Continue along the main path until you are ambushed again. Defeat the Taken and look around, you should see an arrow painted on the nearby rock. Follow it up the hill to the right to find a cave. As you near it more Taken will ambush you, either kill them or run into the cave and activate the generator to your left. Once they’re gone you can open the chest in here.
     Contents: Batteries, Flares x3



Radio #6 – After fighting the first enemies with your newfound flashbangs you will reach a safe  haven. The radio is sitting on a box right nearby with some more flashbangs.


Fleeing the Station


Manuscript Page #37 – You really can’t miss this one. It’s nailed to a fence that’s right along the path you need to take.

Manuscript Page #38 – Continue going up the winding path, all the way to the radio antennae, where you will see the page near two flares. Grab them before heading back down.

Manuscript Page #39 – After surviving the ambush at the shack with three lights there are two things to get. First go to the back of the house and look off in the distance to the right, away from the little cabin with the can pyramid. The page is nailed to a fence off in the distance, just look for the glow and you’ll know where to go.

Manuscript Page #40 – Continue forward along the path towards the objective. As you start to see the next safe haven light clearly on your left look to your right. There’s a manuscript page lying out on the rock there.

Manuscript Page #41 – After traveling down the path for a bit you will see this page rather clearly lying on a log stump.

Manuscript Page #42 – Once you’ve finished off the various pieces of bridge that are attacking you continue forward. Before climbing up the ladder to continue you should easily see the page to your left hand side.

Manuscript Page #43 – Head out of the room, onto the balcony. The page is lying on the railing near the stairs.



Coffee Thermos #37 – After turning on the safe haven head forward and to the right, looking for a path that goes up a hill. This winding road takes awhile to traverse but its well worth it. On the edge of the third level you can find a coffee thermos hidden amongst the plants near the edge.

Coffee Thermos #38 – Head back to the ambush cabin and head towards the objective now. Along the road there’s a small, run-down shack. You should be able to see the coffee thermos with ease.

 Above: In the shack to the right.

Coffee Thermos #39 – Climb up that ladder to the safe haven, grab the Heavy Duty Flashlight and then drop down into the yard. Turn to your right and you should see the thermos in the distance sitting on a table.

Coffee Thermos #40 – After taking out, or avoiding, the bulldozer make your way through the fence. While standing in the safe haven look to the right, you should see it resting on the metal structure.



Secret Chest #11 – With that page in hand turn slowly to your left. You should see a path going up the hillside as well as the markings indicating a secret chest is nearby. Run up the path to find a shack holding the chest and some other goodies.
     Contents: Flares x3, Batteries with Shotgun ammo and Revolver ammo x2 outside of it.



Television #7 – Open the gate and head into the first warehouse. Defeat the two Taken that ambush you as you enter and then head upstairs. The television is on your right hand side of the room.



Can Pyramid #3 – Continue further into the forest until you reach a shack with three service lights outside of it. To the left of this building is a small wooden fixture with revolver ammo and the cans just waiting to be knocked over.


Daytime Drive


Manuscript Page #44 – Keep on driving down the road until you see a rundown orange-red building. Go inside and up the stairs to the very top to find a page.

Manuscript Page #45 – While heading towards the entrance to the coal mine museum you will see this on the wooden walkway. Pick it up before entering the building.



Coffee Thermos #41 – Drive down the road until you pass the white junked car and the logs. Watch the woods to your right – you should see a red object off in the distance. Get out of the car and go over to that to find a red chair oddly placed out here with a coffee thermos on it.

Above: On that chair up ahead.

Coffee Thermos #42 – To the left of that sign is a closed off mine entrance. Look in the far corner here to find a hidden thermos.




Radio #7 – After driving down the road for a bit you will see a staircase on your right. Head on up the stairs and look to the left for a small cabin, inside is the radio you’re looking for.

Above: Up these stairs

Radio #8 – Continue driving down the road until you see another ranger tower. Climb on up into it and you will see the radio right out in the open.



Sign #7 – As soon as you reach the coal mine look to the left. The black sign there gives some history on the mine. NOTE: The other two signs in the area don’t seem to count towards the achievement for some reason.


Night Again


Manuscript Page #46 – With that thermos in hand drop down the hole to exit the building. Right in front of you, at the entrance of the train yard, is the next page.

Manuscript Page #47 – In the very same room as Thermos #44 you can find the page lying out in the open.

Manuscript Page #48 – Leaving the train yard places you on a very misty path. As you go forward you will fight two groups of Taken, dispatch them and continue. This page is out in the open right in your path and very hard to miss.

Manuscript Page #49 – Alan will call a place you enter a “ghost town” and shortly after a car will begin to attack you. With it gone look at the bridge in front of you, the page is in plain view.

Manuscript Page #50 – Once you enter the silver mines proceed forward until Alan hears his wife call his name. Look to his left, you should see some graffiti near a dark entrance. Head down this mine shaft for some creepy stuff and, at the very end, a page on the rocks to your right.

Above: To the left of the graffiti.

Manuscript Page #51 – Get back on the path going forward and drop down into the next room. This page is right in front of you in plain sight.

Manuscript Page #52 – When you finally escape the silver mine you will be near a set of stairs. Go up the stairs, all the way to the top. Gather up the flares and then climb the ladder, on top of this structure is another manuscript page.

Manuscript Page #53 – When you reach a broken bridge you will have to go around it to the left. As you do so you will see the page right out in the open.

Manuscript Page #54 – The final collectible of the Episode is located on the stairs as you head down towards Cauldron Lake. You really can’t miss it.



Coffee Thermos #43 – After the day / night transition go to the downstairs level of the building. Here you will find a bunch of supplies on shelves near the switch you need to activate. On one of these shelves, hidden a bit by the wall, you can find the next thermos.

Coffee Thermos #44 – Climb your way up to the top of the very next building, battling your way through all of the Taken that swarm you. On a red chair you can find this thermos.

Coffee on the right, page on the left.)

Coffee Thermos #45 – Leave the mine and go straight ahead, towards the broken bridge. There’s a thermos on the very tip of this and it’s dangerous to get to. Try to get as close as possible and press the “take” button. Even if Alan falls he will still manage to pick it up.

Coffee Thermos #46 – Cross the bridge and take a left, not a right. Fend off the Taken as you keep a close eye on the left side of your screen where you should see a red cabin. Get inside and use the door as a funnel to defeat the Taken before looting the cabin. In here you will find a Flashbang, Flare gun ammo and a Coffee Thermos.

Above: Inside that building there.

Coffee Thermos #47 – Walk forward until you pass the rail car with logs on it (to your right). Now look to the right and you will see a door going into a red building, walk inside to find the thermos.

Above: Go into this building.

Coffee Thermos #48 – Once you’ve defeated the train steam engine walk over to the small shack to find the key to the building. Go behind this shack to find the thermos sitting on a box. You can actually see it shine through holes in the wall of the shack.

Coffee Thermos #49 – After the cave-in and the invasion of the Taken into the large room go down the narrow path. Look to your left and you will see a coffee thermos sitting in a small cave.

Coffee Thermos #50 – After crossing the suspension bridge go to the left, near where the ax-thrower was. Here you will find another thermos near the cliffs edge.

Coffee Thermos #51 – After battling your way through the abandoned building with the collapsing floor you will drop back down to the forest. Turn to your left and go around the building. Here you will see the thermos near a black gate.



Secret Chest #12 – Alan will reach a fork in the road shortly after the misty path. Right leads towards a safe haven but don’t go that way. Instead go left, up the hill and into the mine. In here you will see a secret chest, waiting to be pillaged.
     Contents: Flashbang x3

Secret Chest #13 – After passing through the cabin and climbing up the two ladders you will see the painting on a rock to your right. Walk to the rock, turn left and find the chest hidden on the cliff.
     Contents: Flare Gun, Flare Gun ammo

Secret Chest #14 – From standing near the suspension bridge, head to your right. As you go you will see the tell-tale marks of a secret chest on the trees. Look to your left, behind the rocks, to find this chest hidden away.
     Contents: Flare Gun, Flare Gun Ammo



Television #8 – Once you enter the building using the key this television will turn on right in front of you. It can’t be missed.



Sign #8 – After picking up that page and crossing the bridge read the sign that talks about Grey Peak Gorge. It’s just to your right.

Sign #9 – Right before you cross the suspension bridge you will find a safe haven. Right next to this safe haven is a green “Cauldron Lake” sign that you can read.

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