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Coffee Thermos #15 – Walk into the design room, where his wife is, and you can grab it off the desk.



Manuscript Pages #11 & 12 – When you head into Alan’s office to check out the cover mock-ups grab the pages to the left of the covers. Grab them before going back to your wife or they’re gone.


The Police Station


Manuscript Page #13 - On the ground near the table, by the couch, is the next manuscript page.

Manuscript Page #14 – Inside of the last cell in the cell block after you get the phone call.

Manuscript Page #15 – After kicking the wood blocking your way down, look to the right of the junker. It’s lying out on top of a rock, waiting for you.



Thermos #16 – Once the doctor is done talking leave the room and run across the station lobby. Inside of this room you can find the coffee on a small table.

Coffee Thermos #17 – Exit the police station through the back door to enter the parking lot. You should easily see the thermos right next to a radio on the loading dock across the lot.



Radio #3 – Right by thermos #17.



Television #3 – Turns on as you reenter the cellblock. Another storyline one you can’t miss.



Signs #2 – While heading to the Sheriffs office, examine the wanted and missing posters on the wall.


Elderwood Park Visitors Center


Coffee Thermos #18 – Behind the counter in the visitors center. It’s on the shelf between the counter and the kitchen.



Signs #3 – Read the plaque at the base of the mammoth skeleton to learn more about Buck-Toothed Charlie, the park mascot.


Elderwood National Park


Manuscript Page #16 – Head down the stairs to where the jeep is parked and look at the ground near it. The page is just waiting for you to grab it. 

Manuscript Page #17 – Keep going down the path until you see a parked car with the back open. Look inside the back to find a page.

Manuscript Page #18 – Back up a bit along the road where you will see a hiker sign. Go up the path near the sign to reach a gazebo, the page is on the floor here.

Above: Up this trail here

Manuscript Page #19 – Across from the Visitors Center, where Rusty is, is the Office. Just outside of the office, on the low stone wall, is a manuscript page you should be able to see easily.

Manuscript Page #20 – Speaking to Rusty will get you the keys to the Park Rangers Office. Inside of the Office you will see the page in plain view to your right.



Coffee Thermos #19 – Gotten from the kitchen inside of the cabin that Alan and Barry are staying in.

Coffee Thermos #20 – Leave the cabin and head around back to find another thermos on the steps of the hot tub out here.

Coffee Thermos #21 – As you near the Visitors Center look to your left. Just past the vehicle that rolls by is a cabin, inside of it is the next thermos.

Coffee Thermos #22 – Head behind the Park Rangers Office via the left side and search around. This thermos is located at the base of a tree but can be difficult to spot in the darkness.

Above: It’s in front of the tree but hard to see.



Radio #4 – As you head down the road towards the visitors center you will see a cabin to your right. Head on inside to find a radio on the desk.

Above: Inside of this cabin



Television #4 – Continue down the path but watch your right side. You will see another cabin, this one with an RV parked outside of it. Kick down the door so you can get to the TV inside.

 Above: Inside this run-down cabin


Deeper into the Forest


Manuscript Page #21 – After going down the first flight of stairs, and getting Barry off the phone, you will find this on a picnic table.

Above: Hard to see but it’s there.

Manuscript Page #22 – After crossing the second bridge head to the right, not the left. At the end of this short path you will find the page on the floor near some picnic tables.

Manuscript Page #23 – Once across the third bridge, where the generator goes off as you cross, this page is right in front of you. Look under the Lover’s Peak sign to see it.

Manuscript Page #24 – Hop over the fence near the safe haven when you’re done on the right path. Here you will see the Manuscript Page sitting on top of a rock.

Manuscript Page #25 – Walk back to where you landed after falling. Here you will see a Manuscript Page in front of you, near the cliff edge.

Manuscript Page #26 – Crossing through the bear trap infested forest you will soon reach a cliff from which you can see a mill. Search this cliff edge very carefully as there is a manuscript page here.

Manuscript Page #27 – From the light created by the generator head to the cabin furthest from you. Inside you can find a Manuscript Page on the ground as well as a hunting rifle.

Manuscript Page #28 – When inside of the mill, look around. If you see one of the darkness blobs on the floor you know you’re in the right area. Go to the far end of this floor and out onto the balcony to find the page.

Above: Just through this door.

Manuscript Page #29 – Knock down the weight and leap across the pit to find a Manuscript Page right in front of you.

Manuscript Page #30 – After escaping the mill and fighting the Taken go to the cabin on your left. There’s a hunting rifle inside but more importantly by jumping on top of the boxes to the top of the crates you can drop down to find a Manuscript Page.

Manuscript Page #31 – As you go to enter the bathroom to get the keys to the garage you will see the page right out in the open.

Manuscript Page #32 – Driving further on you will find another vehicle blocking your path into a tunnel. Get out and go into the tunnel to find a crashed semi with a page on the ground near it.



Coffee Thermos #23 – To the right of the manuscript page and past the phone booth, jump over the logs to find the thermos resting on a cliff.

Coffee Thermos #24 – After the battle near the big rock you will pass through the “Through Tree” and reach a safe haven. Head down the path to the right instead of going left to find a Coffee Thermos on a picnic table.

Coffee Thermos #25 – After using flares to defend the hunter as he opens the door you will be right near Lover’s Peak. Look to the right as you near the entrance (a wooden frame with a heart on top) and you will see a map. Search behind the map for the thermos.

Above: Behind this sign

Coffee Thermos #26 – Fending off enemies and then climbing up the log you will be near a generator. Turn it on and search the cabin that it sits next to, inside is another thermos.

Above: Inside of this building

Coffee Thermos #27 – Turn on the generator after the enemy ambush and then head over towards the river. On top of the highest rock you will see the thermos waiting to be grabbed.

Coffee Thermos #28 – In the next room search the back right corner to find the thermos on a table.

 Coffee Thermos #29 – Just before you enter the trailer park Campgrounds you will see a picnic table and red box to your right. The thermos is sitting on the table.

Coffee Thermos #30 – Once you’re in the car use it to bust down the gate to the campgrounds. Now go right and then take a sharp right around the corner to reach a crashed vehicle. There’s a coffee thermos on the ground here.

Coffee Thermos #31 – To the left of the tunnel entrance is a small rest area. The coffee thermos is on one of the tables.



Secret Chest #5 – Just a bit more into the cave to your right you will see the secret chest. Contents: Batteries with a Shotgun nearby

Secret Chest #6 – Defend Lover’s Peak successfully and you will fall into a new area. Immediately turn around and run underneath the viewing platform you’d stood on previously. Here you will find a cave that leads to the chest. Contents: Flare x3, Batteries

Secret Chest #7 – Drop down the next cliff and look to your right. Walk into the plane, causing it to tip and things to fall into place. Now go back to the rear of the plane and run up the rock. From here you can get onto the wing, then the cliff and finally open the chest. Contents: Flare x2

Secret Chest #8 – After driving down the road for a bit you will see an 18-wheeler that is carrying logs. Veer off the road to the right and search the cabin there for a secret chest. Just be ready to fight for it. Contents: Flares x3

Above: Inside this shack.

Secret Chest #9 – Check behind the house during the fight with the crows to find the chest, pretty much wide out there in the open. Contents: Flare Gun Ammo x3



Signs #4 – After going down a second flight of stairs and crossing a bridge the path splits. Right is the way to Lover’s Peak but you want to head left. Enter the Moonshine cave and further inside you will see a sign with info on the cave, read it.

Signs #5 – As you continue past the big gazebo along the path you will see a tree with a hole in it. Enemies will emerge from this so when there’s a break in them read the sign for the Great Old One.

Signs #6 – Examine the sign near coffee thermos #24 to learn about the tree.



Television #5 – Story related. When you enter the bathroom to get the keys to the truck the television will turn on automatically.



Can Pyramid #1 – On top of a barrel near the cliff you will see cans piled up. Shoot ‘em to knock them over.

Can Pyramid #2 – Eventually the road will be totally blocked on you. Back up a bit and start going through the field to the left. You will see a light in the distance, drive to it. At this camper you can find a hunting rifle, new car and a can pyramid on the back table.

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