Alan Wake collectibles guide



The Nightmare


Coffee Thermos #1 – Straight from your starting point, walk towards the bridge ahead and you will see it in plain view.

Coffee Thermos #2 – After killing the two Taken Hitchhikers pick up the flare gun and turn to the right. Here there is a drop but to your right hand side is a staircase going down inside of a small bunker type building. Inside you will find another Thermos. If you drop down you can’t go back for this.

Coffee Thermos #3 – The next one is found after crossing the wooden bridge that’s being destroyed by debris. After the water tower falls to your right hand side, look ahead. It’s sitting on a bench in the right hand corner of this area. Grab it quickly before running for the lighthouse door.

Coffee Thermos #4 – This one is visible as soon as you enter the diner. Simply pick it up after talking to the two old men.


Lake House


Coffee Thermos #5 – As soon as you and Alice arrive at the lake immediately turn around. There’s a trail up the hillside that goes all the way back to your car. The thermos is right in front of the car.

Coffee Thermos #6 – Back inside the house check in the kitchen to find one in plain sight.



Radio #1 – After turning on the power you can now enter the cabin. Exit through the far door look to your right, the radio is right near the stairs. Be sure to get the radio and thermos before going into the upstairs study.


In the Forest


Manuscript Pages #1 & 2 – As you walk towards the bright light in the forest you will acquire a pair of Manuscript Pages. You can’t miss them.

Manuscript Page #3 – While walking through the lumber yard you will find this in your path. You can’t miss it.

Manuscript Page #4 – Next you will reach another yellow lifting machine near a break in the fence. Turn to the left and explore in that corner to find a page attached to the shack wall.

Above: Check inside this shack

Manuscript Page #5 – Cross the second bridge and look to your right. Here you will see three fallen logs that form a bridge, cross over to find the page.

Manuscript Page #6 – In the logging yard you will find a page inside of the cabin just to the right of the generator. Simply walk inside and grab it.

Manuscript Page #7 – Once you’ve gotten the previous two collectibles now you can continue forward. This will be impossible to miss as its right in your path.

Manuscript Page #8 – At the end of the next section of forest where the enemies are constantly ambushing you. It’s right on the path out of the area so you shouldn’t be able to miss it.

Manuscript Page #9 – Right in front of the gate you just opened. Don’t try to grab it until the pursuers are gone or they will cut you to ribbons.



Coffee Thermos #7 – After you meet Stucky in the lumber yard run past the yellow lifting machine, towards the corner. Here you will find the thermos on the ground near a car.

Coffee Thermos #8 – After crossing over the first fallen tree look to your left. The thermos is further that way up on a rock.

Coffee Thermos #9 – Face the switch that controls the log platform. Now turn around and run past the stack of logs and turn to the right. You will see the thermos sitting on a rock.

Coffee Thermos #10 – With that page in hand keep moving forward. You will see the glimmer of this on your right hand side just as Alan talks about the gas station getting closer.

Coffee Thermos #11 – After activating the “safe haven” head forward and to the right. On the cliff here you will see the thermos behind a red and white barrel.

Coffee Thermos #12 – After killing the “boss” Taken you can find this on the crane at the far end of the yard. It’s on the right hand side, resting on one of the treads.



Secret Chest #1 – After killing the first two Taken with your gun turn on the nearby light. This will reveal the first part of the graffiti. Follow it around the corner to find a secret chest. Contents: Flare Gun

Secret Chest #2 – Killing two more Taken allows you to enter the Lumber Yard. The markings to guide you to the chest are on the logs in front of you, simply turn to the left and go up the hill a bit before climbing the ladder. This will take you up to the chest inside a broken down cabin. Contents: Battery x2

Secret Chest #3 – After activating the radio leave the shack and go around the left side of it. In the distance you should see another shack with signs around it. That contains the secret chest. Contents: Flare Gun

Secret Chest #4 – On the road where you hear Stucky talking again head to the left. Follow the arrows to reach it as it’s tucked away in a corner. Contents: Flare Gun



Radio #2 – Right after finishing the puzzle in the lumber yard you will see a light up ahead. Enter the nearby shack to find a radio on a barrel.



Television #1 – Inside of the cabin you must enter to open the way to the final Lumber Yard, it’s in plain view. Don’t miss the shotgun while you’re in there.


Gas Station


Manuscript Page #10 – When you reach the garage head over to the float. You should be able to see the page lying on the ground easily.



Coffee Thermos #13 – With the page in hand head past the float towards the gasoline sign just beyond. Pick up the thermos from the ground here.

Coffee Thermos #14 – Getting to this last one is easy but once you have it all hell breaks loose. I hope you’ve got a flare gun. Head onto the road near the gas station and start running to the left. At the very end of the road is a parked truck with the coffee thermos near it. When you go to pick that up two enemies will spawn right near you, one of whom will get in some good cheap shots if you pick it up too fast. From further down the road two more of them are coming as well. Try to fire a flare at your feet to kill the two enemies on top of you and fend off the Signs two. This will allow you to pick them off. As you continue down the road back to the station three more of them will attack! Go for the two speedy enemies first as they’re quite capable of killing you off in just a few hits before turning your attention to the last guy.



Television #2 – This one turns on automatically as soon as you walk into the garage.



Signs #1 – Examine the “68th Annual Deerfest” sign inside of the main area of the garage. These go towards the “Bright Falls Officianado” achievement.


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