Alan Wake collectibles guide

Every thermos, manuscript, secret chest, radio and TV in the game

Nightmare Page #1 – Just before you enter the lumber yard you will see this one. It’s to the left of the log you use to climb over the fence.

Nightmare Page #2 – After crossing the three logs that form a bridge this will be right in your path. It’s on a rock surface, nearly impossible to miss.

Nightmare Page #3 – When you reach the garage don’t go inside. Head around to the far side of the building, past the garage door and main shop door, and go around to the back. Here, near the restrooms, the page is pinned to the wall.

Episode 2

Nightmare Page #4 – As you are returning to Barry you will receive a call from the kidnapper. Shortly after the call you will see this lying right in your path.

Episode 3

Nightmare Page #5 – Alan will eventually reach a railway bridge that comes apart to attack him. Get past the obstacles and head up the hill. Where the path turns to the left and there’s a red barrel in front of you look to the right. Up on top of this outcropping is the page.

Nightmare Page #6 – Before you reach the abandoned town you will come across two fast Taken and a boss capable of speeding all over the place. Defeat them and continue forward until you reach a fork in the road, right goes into the town and left goes to a dead end. Head to the left and get this page off of the rocks. This is a weird page…

Nightmare Page #7 – Cross the bridge in the ghost town and continue forward. Look to your left for a wooden fence you can go through. Pass through and look into the shack to your left to find the page lying out in the open.

Above: Through this fence.

Episode 4

Nightmare Page #8 – This one is incredibly easy to miss. Once you drop down into the field that leads to the Anderson’s stage go to the left, not the right. In addition to the stash here if you keep running straight ahead you will find this pinned to an outhouse door.

Episode 5

Nightmare Page #9 – Once you’ve escaped the Transformer Yard you will reach a road. To the right is the rotating bridge while left goes to a dead end. Head left and look for the page on the ground near a school bus.

Nightmare Page #10 – When you reach the old Bright Falls Light & Power station you will see this page on the other side of the fence, to the left of the big sign. You can’t get to it just yet, you have to speak to Cynthia Weaver first. Once she lets you into the next transformer yard go to the left, around the cable holders, and up the grass path. You can grab it but be careful of the enemies who are sneaking up behind you.

Nightmare Page #11 – Alan seperates from Cynthia to go check on Barry and Sarah. Birds will begin to attack him as you go along the path but you will eventually reach a light. Just before the light is a log that connects the upper and lower cliff levels, the manuscript page is dead center on the log. Be mindful of the birds when going after it.

Episode 6

Nightmare Page #12 – An easily gotten page, continue along until you reach the motel. Head on into the office and look to the right to find this on the couch there.

Nightmare Page #13 – Further up the road you will go across a bridge and then be forced off road. Head for the glowing barn with the truck inside and go up the stairs. It’s on a shelf up here, tucked away in the far corner.

Nightmare Page #14 – When you go into the auto-salvage building this will be on the upstairs level, where the switch is, on a desk. It’s by the computer.

Nightmare Page #15 – Near the end of the level you will reach an elevator you must ride out of the abandoned town. But first you must turn on the generator so head that way. The page is stuck to the fence behind the generator and requires you to simply go around through the dirt to get it. That’s it, that’s the last one in the game!

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