Alan Wake collectibles guide

Every thermos, manuscript, secret chest, radio and TV in the game


Television #14 – This has to be watched as part of the storyline. You’ll have to do this to advance the storyline from the flashback.

Back to Cauldron Lake


Manuscript Page #86 – You will have to get out of your vehicle to get through the tunnel. After doing so it will be night and Taken will attack. Once they’re defeated get the page right in front of you.

Manuscript Page #87 – After passing through the second tunnel with the fast Taken you will see this one right in your way.

Manuscript Page #88 – Drive down the road a bit until you see a blockade. Get out of the car and walk down to the end of this road. The page is stuck to a truck in the dead end.


Coffee Thermos #90– As soon as the cutscene ends it’s just on your left side, on a picnic table.

Coffee Thermos #91 – Drive along the road until you reach the first tunnel. Look to your left and you will see a barn type building. Go over to it and check behind the crate on the left side of the house to find this thermos.

Coffee Thermos #92 – Look to the right of the sign and go into the bathroom to find this thermos.

Coffee Thermos #93 – As you are forced to drive off the road and into the field with the Taken monster truck you will see a barn that glows. It has a vehicle inside of it you can use. Just past that is another small house with the thermos on its front steps.


Secret Chest #26 – After driving down the road long enough you will see a logging operation of sorts on your left. Get out of the vehicle and run all the way down the path to reach a small cabin with the chest inside of it.
Contents: Flare Gun, Flashbang

Secret Chest #27 – When you reach the top of the dirt road a gate will be in your way. Look to the left and you should see the painted arrows; follow them to the rear where an ambush awaits as does this next chest.
Contents: Flares x2, Flashbang x2


Sign #22 – As you drive down the road you will see a roadside stop with a big sign for the Majestic Motel. Stop the car and examine the sign.

Sign #23 – Along the road you will be forced to veer off to the left where the Majestic is. Go inside and check the sign in the lobby.

Sign #24 – As you turn off the main road onto the dirt road you will see a sign in front of you on the fence. Examine it to learn how they deal with solicitors in Bright Falls.


Can Pyramid #6 – Outside of the Majestic, near the parked cars, this is sitting on the low stone wall.


Manuscript Page #89 – You will drive through the scrap yard a bit before reaching a safe haven. To the right of this haven is the page along with a bunch of supplies.

Manuscript Page #90 – After fighting off the enemies with the spotlight and pushing the second mine cart enter the building and look around the crates on the other side of the room. It’s in the open.

Manuscript Page #91 – The final, normal difficulty, page is easily gotten. Once you ride the elevator to the top in the ghost town you will find this right in front of you.


Coffee Thermos #94 – Enter the salvage garage and look for the stairs. Directly across from the stairs the thermos waits to be picked up, sitting on a shelf.

Coffee Thermos #95 – Open the gate and drive up the hill but stop before going over the ramp. Get out of the truck and look to the right – you should see the thermos sitting out in the open.

Coffee Thermos #96 – As you’re walking through the abandoned town enter the second building on the right, the one with the sign. It’s sitting right out in the open on a shelf.

Coffee Thermos #97 – Now climb up the ladder, fend off the birds and push the mine cart. Continue forward, not going right, and look over here. The thermos is hidden behind one of the pillars.

Coffee Thermos #98 – As you travel through the forest vehicles will begin to fall from the sky. Keep moving forward, fighting past the super fast boss Taken, until you see a train car. Get inside of it to find some flashbangs and a thermos.

Coffee Thermos #99 – From the chest go upstairs and drop down into the next area. To your left is a dilapidated windmill, go behind it to find this thermos.

Coffee Thermos #100 – After speaking to Timothy Zane shine your flashlight on the word “Thermos” as it floats near the couch to cause this one to reveal itself. Pick it up to get the final thermos.


Secret Chest #28 – Once you’ve escaped the scrap yard drive down the road until you reach an abandoned mining town. To the left is a broken bridge with a shack near it, look inside.
Contents: Flare Gun, Flashbang

Secret Chest #29– Once you’ve finished your fun mine cart ride ignore the ladder and go straight to the safe haven. Then go down the hill in front of you and take a right, the chest is here.
Contents: Flare Gun, Flare Gun Ammo x2, Flares x3, Flashbang x2

Secret Chest #30 – After the big ol’ rusty ship lands right in front of your face at the top of the hill go up the stairs. Enter the building to the right of the flaming barrel and turn to the right. The final chest is tucked into this corner.
Contents: Flares x3, Flashbang x2

Above: Inside this building.


Sign #25 – When you reach the auto-salvage garage you need to enter to open the gate go to the garage door and read the small sign near it. This should be the last sign you needed.


Can Pyramid #7 – After opening the gate go through the door the Taken come through. On the railing here you can see more cans piled up.

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