Alan Wake collectibles guide

Every thermos, manuscript, secret chest, radio and TV in the game

Alan Wake has a lot for you to find during your adventure, Manuscript Pages that help warn you of the dangers ahead, Coffee Thermoses to collect, Secret Chests with hidden gear, and Radios and Televisions to help fill out the story. Finding all of these items isn’t necessary to complete, or even enjoy the game, but they certainly help pad out the experience.

The most important of the collectibles are definitely the manuscript pages. There are 91 of these to collect on the Normal difficulty and 15 more of them on the Nightmare difficulty. Due to this, getting all of the collectibles will take you at least two complete runs through the game. Take note that any collectibles you get on your first playthrough will remain collected on any further runs through the level. While the manuscript pages might still be there, they will already be counted as collected, so you don’t need to go out of your way for them again.

To avoid any difficulties, play the individual Episodes from the menu rather than doing an entirely new playthrough on a higher difficulty. There is a small chance however, that the game will not register the item as being gathered on a different difficulty playthrough. Once you’ve gotten all of the collectibles, and preferably achievements, on the Normal difficulty, you can work on getting the Nightmare manuscripts.

Be aware that the images accompanying the descriptions will often show you the exact location of an object. In some situations though, they will instead show you the general area, or building, the collectible is located in. This is done to help you locate them with greater ease. items are listed by type in the following order: Manuscripts, Thermoses, Secret Chests, Radios, TVs, Signs, and Can Pyramids.

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